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What Up Wednesday

Posted on July 25th, 2012  |  No Comments

what up wednesday.

Nice to see you, glad you showed up, you’re such a nice reminder that it’s all doooownhill from here!

what up wednesday is a new addition to The Talking Kitchen where we just chat. chill. check out pictures. shoot the shiz.

It’s also my excuse to unload some of the randomness that is my world. Everyone needs an outlet, and I’m not an avid runner or Facebooker, so what’d you expect?

Let’s get to it!

Kombucha much?

I do. Got hooked a few months ago, after much, much, delay, and cannot STOP!

Call me Lauren, the scoby brewer. Yes, I like to hang out and drink with these fellers, wanna say something about it to my face? Didn’t think so.

Should I be worried that my husband still refers to me as his girlfriend AND still uses my maiden name?? I just chalk it up to that language barrier, but..he moved to the US when he was 12 and speaks perfect English.

Oh yeah and the pic isn’t real, well part of it anyway. I know you were wondering. My friend, Colby, photoshopped it the other day. She really knows how to use her talents.

I organized my blog shelves, again. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more variety around here, ’cause I realized I have A LOT of stuff.

Also, it’s my 10 year high school reunion this year. 2002 whatwhat! I’m not going. Partly because I’m over 3,000 miles away, and partly because I’m sure if anyone wanted to chat, they’d Facebook me. I mean, really, is someone gonna talk to my face that hasn’t talked to my Facebook page? Doubt it.

All this talk about Facebook makes me wanna write a letter. Not an email, a text, or a blog entry, a real letter. Then again, watching Game of Thrones (which I’m not going to promote either way since it’s got too much nudity for my parents to handle and too many names with titles for me know if I’m following it correctly) makes me thankful communication isn’t reliant on ravens; that must take a while. Even though I’m pretty sure they’re faster than horses, how on earth do they know where to go!?

Frittatas are like, ahmahzingha. They win the versatility, easability, you can only mess this up by having too high heat or leaving it in the oven forever-ability, AND the throw any last vegetable and still taste good, ’cause of the cheese-ability. Seriously, count me in.

I’m ’bout to make my first meatloaf. Meatloaf, smeatload, double beatloaf. Gosh I loved The Christmas Story. I had a serious crush on Ralphie (or is it Ralphy?) and totally wanted glasses growing up, because he had glasses. I then proceeded to wear my sister’s zebra-stripped sunglasses to pretend I had glasses – I’m pretty sure this is the reason my mom didn’t quite believe me when I told her I couldn’t see the white board come 6th grade. My 20/40 vision and the eye doctor told her otherwise.

Whelp, thanks for sticking around, I had lots of fun writing this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If not… um, I’m sorry?

Hopefully see you tomorrow with Meatloaf pictures and a recipe!


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