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Tuesday Things

Posted on November 5th, 2012  |  1 Comment

So there’s thing called an election going on tomorrow. Pretty important stuff, if you ask me. I didn’t make any American flag cookies to celebrate, but I will encourage all y’alls to get on out there and vote. Wouldn’t it be easy (and totally hackable – gosh I loved the movie Hackers) if we could vote online?

Yeah, it would be, but we can’t, so take an extra long lunch break and make it happen.

With watching the debates, Dexter, Broadway Empire, HOMELAND and HOMELAND, I’ve been quite TV busy.

Do you watch HOMELAND? Do it. Start from the beginning, you’re only one season behind, and that’s only like a night or two worths, so get on it.

Also, do you eat hard boiled eggs? On salted buttered sesame Ezekiel bread? You do?! Me too! Best. Breakfast. Ever. I seriously eat it everyday on the way to work. Gotta fill up my hour somehow, it may or may not also include brushing my hair, styling it (aka twisting it and putting the windows down), praying – eyes open, recipe creating, talking on the phone (hands free), applying mascara, or work thinking.

What do you do on the way to work?

Since this is a random post, I thought it’d include some random pics and links, enjoy:

Papaya – it’s good for you, makes perfect smoothies, and dangerous – yet nutritious drinks, papaya it up!

Here’s a link showing you step by step how to cut and eat. Don’t worry if it’s gets a bit moldy on the ends, that means it super ripe and delicious (be sure to cut them off though.)

I’m trying to finish organizing and decorating my kitchen (yes, we moved in 2 months ago..) this is one of my favorite finds, Lexy likes it too.

After obsessing over taking a few looks at Homestead Revival I have tons of ideas and actual projects on the way.

Like this one, though not too sure about the pennies, but I do have the letters waiting for embellishing. And a SOS pad, so maybe along the lines of this.

I’ve also been obsessing over dates, making caramel for muffins and such, finding ways to stuff them for Thanksgiving appetizers… ohh Thanksgiving… the time has started. I’m thinking of making a dinner for two since we can’t go home this year, I kind of just want steaks – is that wrong?

I guess I’ve got a few weeks to figure it out.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?





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  1. Holy crap. So simple, so good, dying over that breakfast shot. I never think of the simple in the morning.

    I want a penny letter. Love that. I pinned it.

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