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Tuesday Things

Posted on March 18th, 2013  |  2 Comments

Paaalease tell me you’ve heard of this bread. I first read about it on My New Roots and not only is it ridiculously healthy (read: high in protein and fiber),  gluten-free,  and vegan, it’s super duper easy to make. All you do is toss everything in a bowl, add some liquid, let it sit, then cook it. No joke.

If you don’t make this I might question your intelligence. Fo’ serious.

In other news…  have I mentioned how much I like taking pictures of other people cook?

Having a broken wrist definitely has its disadvantages, but I cant lie,  there a few perks… like  you can’t really do dishes or chop things super thin. Shucks.

And when a girl needs sliced radishes, she needs sliced radishes. Good thing I got me a fine slicer husband. Oh yeah.

I’m my opinion, nothing goes better on lentils than quick pickled radishes. And no, those orange carrot looking things aren’t radishes, they’re sauteed carrots, they go great with lentils too. But don’t forget the pickles.

To quick pickle:

  • Thinly slice a vegetable (in this case I used radishes, but onions, cucumbers, and zucchini are spectacular too). I’m pretty sure you can pickle anything you want.
  • Place vegetables in a small bowl, add equal parts water and vinegar, and lesser amounts, yet equal, salt and sugar. Then add freshly ground whole peppercorns and set aside while you make the rest of your meal.
  • I posted one of David Lebovitz’s recipes a while back, I’d def check it out, he’s awesome.

I also totally went for it and made a batch of low and slow, real deal caramelized onions, pre-wrist-break of course. I just have a few more tweeks to kink out, maybe a week or two more of my brace and then a recipe’s in order.

Until I can get back in the kitchen and show off my mad knife skills, I’ll have to rely on my handy dandy food processor. So trustworthy I tell ya.

Look what she made for me just the other day…

A quick 10 minute tomato sauce, ready before the pasta is. Recipe soon!

Man it feels good to be back, and be able to type. :)



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  1. Melissa says:

    OMG…so EXCITED about the life changing bread!!! I am now gluten, egg, dairy, peanut and yeast free so this is AWESOME=)

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