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tacos de Nati

Posted on September 27th, 2011  |  3 Comments

In all types of work you have good days and bad days. In my line of work some days you get bitten some days you don’t. Yesterday I got a bite taken out of my right wrist. Later I enjoyed tacos with an amazing woman. Only bites taken were between me and the taco and inflicted no harm, in fact they were even vegetarian.

I almost missed out on these tacos because of a weird personality quirk I have to be hesitant to accept things people offer me, thinking they really don’t want to give it to me, and they are just being nice. Or maybe I just don’t want to seem like I was fishing for the offer, that’s never cool. Nati set me straight though, and I am sure glad she did, these tacos were fabulous, and super easy to make therefore making them double fabulous by my calculations.

Nati is a beautiful mother I work with who not only made me an inpromptu lunch but also gave me even more delicious tacos for dinner. Muchas muchas gracias Nati!

Sadly I have no recipe… yet. I will tell you the filling was cheesy and potatoey and the outside was crisp, like it was fried :) And they were amazing. I couldn’t wait to share at least the idea with you.

I’ll try to recreate this later this week but in the meantime let me know if you give it a shot.



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  1. Meghann says:

    These look amazing!! Can you please please try recreate???

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