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Strawberry Jalapeno Martini

Posted on September 21st, 2012  |  12 Comments

I’m definitely not a gal of few words, but sometimes less really can be more – that applies to the jalapeno as well.

So I’ll keep this one short with the most important details:

1. Strawberry Jalapeno Martinis taste as pretty as they look.

2. The strawberry lemon simple syrup is beyond amazing. And I can totally say that without bias because my husband came up with the recipe, I only embelished it with the lemon extract. Don’t use that stuff enough, unless I make more of these… ohhh, good idea. yum. Anyway, I’d recommend getting your hands on some lemon extract asap.

3. Tomorrow is a really big day in college football, we’re going downtown to meet up with Michigan Alumni – I am so nervous excited! Go Blue!

4. Don’t be too afraid of the jalapeno, and if you are only add one slice. I also recommend using a straw if you’re weary. But really, they’re amazing.

5. I have some exciting news to share, I’m a new contributor to the Huffington Post, eek! Check out my first post here!

6. It’s officially the weekend! Enjoy it!


Strawberry Jalapeno Martini

by The Talking Kitchen

Prep Time: 20 minutes


Ingredients (2 drinks)

Strawberry Simple Syrup

  • Makes enough for 4-6 drinks
  • 2 c. filtered water
  • 1 c. raw sugar
  • 1 c. organic strawberries
  • 1 capful vanilla extract
  • 1 capful lemon extract

Strawberry Jalapeno Martini

  • Serves 2
  • 3-4 oz. vodka
  • 4-5 Tbsp cooled strawberry simple syrup
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 4 slices jalapeno (2 each)
  • 1 strawberry, sliced (garnish)
  • glassful ice


Start by making the simple syrup. Bring the water and sugar to a bubble (over medium high heat), turn down to medium heat and stir, occasionally, cooking for another 5 mins.

Next, add the strawberries, let cook on medium heat for 5 more minutes, turn down to medium low and add the extracts.

Cooking for another 10 minutes, smash the strawberries, or for a more smooth consistency, use a hand emerson blender to blend the syrup to a puree like consistency. Or you could let cool and blend in a blender, but be sure not to add it too hot.

Let syrup cool before using it for drinks. I usually can’t wait too long, so I put it in the freezer, I also make sure to pour it over a glassful of ice.

To make the drinks. Add 2 slices jalapeno to each glass. Add the ice, vodka, simple syrup, and 1/2 lemon juiced per drink. Mix by pouring to and from another glass. Serve with strawberry garnish.

Enjoy Responsibly Please!

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12 Responses

  1. This looks so dangerously delicious!

    Congrats on the Huffington Post, girl!

    • talkingkadmin says:

      Thanks, I’m pretty excited about it! This drink is seriously delicious, and sorta spicy, but in a good way, I highly recommend it. Happy Saturday! :)

  2. Leah says:

    This drink looks amazing, I may only add 1/2 slice of jalapeño though! Congrats on the Huffington Post, you deserve it!!! Miss you and ill be rooting for Michigan today!

  3. Amanda says:

    Congrats on your new writing gig! That’s really exciting!!

    This drink is so pretty. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to jalapenos, but maybe I can start with a very thin slice. And I need to remember NOT to touch my face after I slice it.

  4. Katie says:

    Wow! Those look amazing. I’ve had jalapeno margaritas before and they were incredible, I bet these martinis are awesome too! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. […] if you can see a theme, I made us this Strawberry-Jalapeno Martini. The jalapenos just float in the martini and I was thinking that next time I might try infusing the […]

  6. Lance says:

    Awesome cocktail. I made this for my colleagues (on a late Friday afternoon). This cocktail was a huge success! After you make the simple syrup, the rest is easy. Excellent for a crowd and in Mason jars.

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