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Southern Travels

Posted on June 7th, 2012  |  3 Comments

This past weekend, I took a quick jaunt East (and slightly North,) to Atlanta and Chattanooga, to visit some friends and family. It was fabulous.

I mean, check out my nieces and nephew… too cute I tell ya.

I don’t get to see them enough, and instead of crying about it, I take pictures to┬áreminiscence. Seems to work so far. :)

This here handsome fella is my twin brother, Luke. He’s totally taunting my sister, pretending to throw the ball for her – as if she’s a dog. Hilarious.

That’s her, the proclaimed animal (non)lover, though Piper may have change her mind.

A little walking and swinging action.

Well, for some of us.

We went to a beautiful dog park (with a separate area for the little ones,) wide open fields, and a playground.

Pretty much screams family outing, don’t ya think?

Piper thought so.

Here’s a few more of my beautiful nieces and nephew. Shouldn’t she be a child model? Jk Jenny. (but seriously)

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the food.

My dear sister, Meghann, made Smitten’s baked French toast.

All I can say is: wow.

Not your everyday breakfast, but absolutely perfect for a special occasion.

If that’s not family, I’m not sure what is.


Happy Friday!

What’s your favorite family activity?

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  1. Wait…who’s dog is Piper? I’m in love! Her and Ginger need a play date :)

  2. Wow, cool to see that website, thanks for the link! And thanks for being informative and interesting. You always inspire me.

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