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pomegranates and phytochemicals

Posted on November 12th, 2011  |  3 Comments

Happy Saturday!

Today I’m here to bring you a very useful culinary lesson.

How to de-seed a pomegranate.

Don’t you love pomegranates?!


Well, besides being incredibly fun to eat, all those little seeds popping in your mouth, they are delicious and contain a plethora of antioxidants.

Pomegranates are full of seed casings called arils, which are a good source of vitamin C, B vitamins and potassium as well as those super important phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that aren’t considered essential nutrients but have been found to prevent and/or protect against disease. Basically we should eat them all the time, and if we are lucky to grow any phytochemical containing plants, we def need to keep the bark, leaves, sap, flowers and anything else they grow because it probably has some healing quality.

Isn’t that cool?

I think so.

So here’s a how-to for an easy way to remove the seeds from a pomegranate.

Get a big bowl of water. (big enough to fit your hands and a pomegranate.

1/8 the pomegranate and place into the water.

Insert hands, pull back skin and inner flesh to liberate the seeds.

The seeds will sink to the bottom (like gold) and the discards will float. (As I mention above, if you’re into holistic medicine and are a witch doctor know how to create a remedy using these ingredients, please do so, everyone else can compost this or toss it.)

Drain the seeds and there you have it.

Enjoy popping in between your teeth as if they were the healthiest pop rocks around, add them to a salad, juice ’em, or use as a fancy decorative topping for a holiday entrée or dessert.





3 Responses

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  2. sharon says:

    How many days will the seeds stay fresh?

    • lafig says:

      I would aim to eat them within a week, they won’t necessarily go bad but they won’t taste as fresh. They never last long cause I love them as an afternoon snack!

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