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peanut butter blossoms

Posted on December 6th, 2011  |  4 Comments

These are the best cookies ever. There I said it.

Okay fine, they are at least top five, that makes room for us to share. :)

But really, c’mon, I mean peanut butter rolled in sugar and dolloped in chocolate is the way to go for eating cookies if you ask me.

They also pretty much scream CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE and I LOVE that, and I am happy to share them with you!

Peanut butter blossoms makes me feel like I’m 8 again. Peeling Hershey kisses is as tempting now as it was then. I have to admit I wasn’t all that helpful in the kitchen, I proly rolled about 5 balls and gave up, leaving super mom to the rest. Which really wasn’t cool of me cause this recipe makes a lot of cookies. They’re kinda small- perfect one biter size and all that really means is the chocolate:cookie ratio is pretty much spot on!

Since I’m bringing you my first (yes first!) peanut butter recipe I feel compelled to offer up some really important need to know info: Trans fat are not good. In fact they are bad. Yes, bad for you. Please give natural peanut butter a try, Trader Joe’s has a great one- for cheap, and it tastes amazing!

I’d also like to share the little knowledge I have about baking cookies. Call it an early Christmas gift from me. :) This knowledge has been gained purely through trial and error of course. And father taste testing, which is always truthful.

Sift the dry ingredients.

In another bowl combine the wet ingredients.

Add the dry ingredients in parts and don’t overmix.

Easy peasy and makes for delicious cookies.

Oh yeah using raw sugar rocks. Lets you cut back on the amount without skimping on flava.  And have you met my friend whole wheat pastry flour? Swap ‘er 1:1 with all-purpose and never look back. It’s got a bit more protein and at least twice the fiber. Yeah fiber, that colon loving property we get from foods that help our tummy do it’s job. It’s a wonderful thing.

So are healthified peanut butter blossom cookies.

They taste just like mom’s and they’ll leave you feeling a tad better about enjoying the sweet things in life.



peanut butter blossoms

makes 4 dozen 


1 3/4 c. whole wheat pastry flour

3/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp sea salt


4 Tbsp butter, room temperature

4 Tbsp coconut oil, room temperature

1/2 c. natural peanut butter, room temperature

3/4 c. sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. In a medium bowl sift the dry ingredients, fork mix together.

2. In a large(er) mixing bowl, use an electric mixer to combine the peanut butter, butter and coconut oil. Add the sugar and cream together, then stir in the egg and vanilla.

3. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients in parts, about 1/2 c. at a time. Nearing the end of the dry ingredients I usually switch to a spatula, always trying not to overmix.

4. Roll the dough into balls, about 2 tsp worth of dough, I just used a half moon spoon to make them more uniform. You could also scoop out balls using a tsp or a melon baller.

5. Roll the balls in sugar and place on a parchment lined baking sheet.

6. Bake for 8 minutes. Remove from oven and add kisses. Return to oven and continue baking for another 2-4 minutes.

7. Let cool on cooling rack. (yeah right!)


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  1. Jane K says:

    I TOTALLY agree these are the best Christmas cookies ever!! I’ve been making them for about 35 years (I’m only 45!!) – – my mom started making them when we were little and they are the best especially warm!! Thanks for bringing up a favorite memory – I’m going to make some now!

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