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parmesan crusted butternut squash

Posted on October 30th, 2011  |  2 Comments

I’m totally into this squash thing.

The vibrant color draws me in and makes me wanna eat it.

Such a nice shape these squash have. Curvy yet slender. Am I jealous of a vegetable?

Perhaps. Though I’m glad I don’t get sliced and baked.

Doubt I would taste this good. Okay enough. Eating people isn’t appetizing. Herbs are though.

Coat butternut squash slices with oil and nutmeg.

Then dusted with a lite layer of thyme Parmesan crumbs.

And bake to a crisp.

I really enjoyed these. I may have liked them better pan-fried… but I decided to follow Sara’s healthy advice and bake ’em. Either way they’re ideal for a perfect side dish come this third week of November (can’t wait to go home!)

Here’s the recipe. I pretty much followed it straight up, and like I said the only other thing I might change if when I make this again, is little pan fry action, or an extra drizzle of evoo on top would do it I’m sure. Man I need an oil spray can….

Enjoy your Sunday thyme.

haha. :)



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