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Northern California Road Trip

Posted on August 14th, 2012  |  4 Comments

First things first: How do you like the new look?? Thanks for all the nice comments so far, this was a while in the making and it’s awesome to finally be able to share it with all of you.

I (obviously) love it, find it way easier to search for things and make my way around – working through a few glitches as we go. For all you bloggers out there, or website people, you know this is quite a bit of effort, stressful even, but the pay off is worth it. I only ask that you bear with me for the new week or so, launching a new site the week you are moving isn’t advice I’d pass down. Seriously?? What was I thinking!

I know what I was thinking this past weekend when my husband proposed an impromptu trip to Northern California: ‘Boy, you must be crazy, we have a kadrabillion things to do, the house is a mess, I’m slightly hungover from the night before and did you forget we be moving in a week?!’

Well, sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re not. Let’s just say, I wasn’t right.

This 2 day trip was soooo worth it. I had never been ‘up North’ and it was just what the doctor ordered.

We hit up Los Gatos, San Francisco, Carmel, Paso Robles and Highway 1.

Breathtakingly beautiful, I tried taking as many photos as I could. Surprisingly food isn’t in this bunch, but you may have glanced at a cocktail or two on Instagram ( I will def be trying to recreate ASAP!)

Here’s a bunch, but there’s more to come! Along with at least one recipe this week (I promise), and off to Texas to start our new sweaty life there.

See ya on the flip side.



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4 Responses

  1. Yes- I love the new look! I need to change mine, but just haven’t done it!
    I LOVE Northern CA. I need to go back soon! I’ve been to San Fran twice- and spent time in Sonoma and Napa both times. The last time I went, the best part of the whole trip was hiking at Mt. Tam in Marin county. It’s just SO darn beautiful there… so different than the east coast!

    • talkingkadmin says:

      Thanks Lauren – hiking sounds like a good way to explore the West coast, but dangerous, those rocks are intimidating!

  2. What an awesome husband you have to suggest a trip up to Norcal. :)

    Texas?! When did I miss this? Is it for a job opportunity? Can’t wait to read more about your move.

    • talkingkadmin says:

      Yeah, he’s alright, think I’ll keep him around, hehe. Texas… yeah, his job, I’m coming along… I’m sure I’ll post more about it :)

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