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minty whiskey blood orange sours

Posted on March 14th, 2012  |  16 Comments

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t get all the hype surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem spending an entire day celebrating partying, drinking and all things green, but we already have the Super Bowl, right?

Call me an old fart, but maybe drinking all day isn’t the best thing to celebrate. Your bod sure doesn’t think so.

But one drink is ok.


Here’s your one drink.

Go big or go home, ’cause minty whiskey blood orange sours are where it’s at.

Refreshing mint muddled with powdered sugar and lime.

Ice. Key ingredient.

Whiskey up.

Blood orange to top ‘er off.

One outstandingly potent, tart, yet refreshing straight up man cocktail.

But it looks so pretty right?!

Strong enough for a man, pink enough for a woman. (Is this a DegreeĀ advertisementĀ or what.)

After a few sips you’ll get why you’ll be set with one. Strong but perfect sip quality, and no worries if the ice melts, just makes it easier to drink. :)

So if you’re heading out for St. Patty’s Day and aren’t into drinking dyed green beer, try on one of these for size.

You’ll stand up to any Irishman with this cocktail.

And that’s coming from an Irish(EnglishGermanDutch)woman, so I think I know what I’m talking about.

And if not, who cares, no one else will either.

Happy Hump Day!



What’s your St. Patrick’s Day like? Do you go all out, hit a few bars or could care less?


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16 Responses

  1. love the colors and love the flavors in this drink! Very appropriate for the weekend. I’ll probably stick with hard ciders for the day and head downtown with friends to enjoy the weather and a few bars. I’m very Irish but I’m not one to get trashed all day because of it!

  2. lafig says:

    Me too, I’ll probably have one of these, take a roadie and head out on my bike all day, people watching will be the best!

  3. purabi naha says:

    Thanks for the recipe. This post is really useful for me and the picture is so tempting!


  4. Stunning photos, yet again :) I can’t wait to try this cocktail out…looks and sounds so delicious!

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  10. Pinky says:

    I tried this drink recipe last night and OH MY. Absolutely delicious. A must for Spring and Summer.

  11. BforBliss says:

    Really impressed by your pictures and recipes! I will definitely try this one.

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  13. Christine says:

    Gorgeous pics. What kind of whiskey did you use? Going to be recreating this very soon…

    • lafig says:

      Thanks! We used a Irish Whiskey from Trader Joes.. I think any Irish Whiskey would be great, I’d steer clear of Jack Daniels… Tomatin is a great scotch whiskey!

  14. This is the perfect summer weekend drink. We made those for a little party we had in our backyard and everyone was delighted. The whole party was vintage themed and we served these drinks in mason jars and it looked just perfect. The mint with the sourness of the orange goes perfect.

  15. Oh I love a good whiskey sour! This one looks divine, I must try it. Love you’re blog!

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