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Homemade Flavored Water

Posted on July 25th, 2011  |  1 Comment

Let’s start off the week on the right foot. Let’s start off with a clear head and quenched thirst. Lets start off Monday with a big glass of water.

You know when you’re thirsty, you are already somewhat dehydrated. That means we need to be proactive about drinking enough water. Besides our bodies being about 70% water, sufficient water is essential to the proper functioning of our cells, helping replenish old ones with new ones, keeping us looking and feeling young. Water helps trap the waste in our bodies and aids in the delivery of key nutrients to every part of our body. Are you getting enough?

Here’s a tip to rekindle your love of water, and hopefully consume about two liters per day.

Flavored water. Homemade flavored water! Simple as could be. Just pour filtered water into a drinking vessel, preferably made of glass or BPA-free plastic, then give it some flavor. Frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, lemon, lime, orange or cucumber slices, go crazy with mint or basil leaves, or make your own combo. No added sugar or powders needed. Simply drink and enjoy :)

Keep in mind to thoroughly wash your additions to the water, and organic is best, no point in drinking a glassful of pesticides.

This water is refreshing and can be a midday snack, if using berries or cucumber (though may be a little soggy.) Most importantly it’s a great way to get you (and your loved ones) to drink more water. Try it out, you may be surprised to say you actually like to drink water.

Heat getting you down? Enjoy a refreshing and thirst quenching Monday!



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