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free lunch friday

Posted on August 26th, 2011  |  No Comments

Free lunch is the best. After roaming around Whole Foods for 10 minutes with a case of lauren-I can’t make up my mind-itis, and standing in the taco line for another 5, I walked out with this delicious, nutritious and equally fun Chia seed beverage.




I absolutely love how the abundance of inflated chia seeds feels crunching in between my teeth. A party in my mouth!
As I was enjoying this fun on my way to the car I hear a young girl eagerly yelling, “free pizza samples, BBQ chicken.” I could not bolt fast enough, but I’m trying to look more ladylike so this was tough. To my delight the pizza cutter decided to malfunction on my slice, granting me with not just one, but two free BBQ chicken pizza samples.


Sometimes life on a Friday afternoon at work ain’t so bad. Especially when you can be thankful for a free lunch!

How’s your day going?

Looking forward to my hotel room tonight and a beach work party!

Happy (almost) weekend, have a blast!


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