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end of year sharings part one

Posted on December 28th, 2011  |  No Comments

Ever have so much to share with someone you feel like you could burst?

Feel as if you can’t expel the words from your lips fast enough to get it all out..

Afraid amongst the spew of syllabubs your point may be blurred or lost, and thus mute altogether..

That’s kinda how I’ve been feeling lately. Surrounded by good food, friends and family, there has been a lot I’ve wanted to share, but I wasn’t quite sure how.

Pictures and words will have to do. I think that’s what you like best anyway.I’m gonna just put it out there, I’m not sure there’s an actual recipe for this dish. I’ve learned about three different versions, all taught by my Peruvian m0ther, and while they are equally delicious, I’m not sure if I can ever recreate it. I don’t think it much matters though, I made my own interpretation and it turned out pretty pretty pretty good. I guess it’s just about the love in the dish. :) Oh yeah and about this special ingredient, culantro, that grows right in the backyard.

traditional peruvian seco with beans

So I wanted to share this before the holidays, as part of my food gifting posts but I got too caught up in the spirit of eating and not posting. Whoops. Too bad too cause these are amazing. But don’t worry, even though they make great gifts, they also make a stellar appetizer/dessert/snack for a New Years Eve get together. With only half dipped, the pretzel is a prefect handle for chowing down. I mean, com’on, chocolate and pretzels are a match made in heaven, do I need to say more?

pretzels dipped in milk chocolate with peppermint crunch

With relatives from Germany I’ve been snacking on salami and cheese like I’m a butcher. Just FYI those are circles are little hazelnuts, not chunks of fat. Not that I’m saying salami is good for you.. in fact it’s def not, but I’m using my moderation knowledge (asmuchasican.) :)

Salami make you thirty? Sure does. Why don’t I sip on a tazo de vino. Don’t mind if I do. And a whole wheat peruvian alfajore cookie? Why thank you!

Follow that with a glass of orange slice water. Gotta keep hydrated.

And now we’re off to the beach. What have you been up to these last few days of 2011?





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