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easy and delicious drinks to ring in the new year

Posted on December 31st, 2011  |  No Comments

Happy New Years Eve!

Are you excited? Ready to start another year? Have your ducks lined up and in order? No? Okay well you have T-about 8 hours to get your junk together. Don’t worry I’m here to help. I’ve got a few super easy and even more delicious drinks to ring in the new year. They’re totally stress free so you’ll have plenty of time to write your new years resolutions and get ready for the party. :)

Let’s begin with some Champagne, it’s New Years after all.


melon champagne fizz 

Pour champagne into fancy glass. Splash in Madori. Garnish with a cherry. or two. Enjoy.

Told you they were easy. Was that too easy for you?

How about a gin spiked champagne refresher?

grapefruit ginpagne refresher

Glass with ice. Splash of gin. Pour of champagne. Cube of raw sugar. Finish with squeeze of grapefruit. Refresh yo-self!

Not into champagne? How about swapping it for tonic and having yourself the best ever gin and tonic (with grapefruit.) For reals, gin and grapefruit are a dynamite duo!

Or perhaps you’re looking for a soda drink?

pisco ale

1 part pisco. 1.5 parts ginger ale. Splash of lime. Sprinkle of brown sugar. Outstanding!

Never heard of pisco? Well let me inform you! Pisco is a peruvian grape brandy that goes through a similar distilling process as wine, according to Wikipedia. According to my Peruvian husband, the only real pisco is made in Peru, not Chile. (I think it tastes the same, but have been forbidden to try it so to ensure drink quality look for the Peruvian stuff.) And that’s all you need to know.

Oh yeah it’s also amazing mixed with a molasses like liquor, evaporated milk and egg white. I’ll take this alongside my coffee please.

So there you have it. Easy and delicious drinks to ring in the New Year.

Even though I recommend them all, I don’t think I can recommend you actually try all in one night. But, but, if you must, why not check out my tips on how to avoid the New Years Day blues aka a wicked hangover.


Tip 1. Drink water. Before, during and after. Drink water. I would say drinking a glass of water in between drinks will keep the headache at bay, along with loads of water before you hit the hay.

Tip 2. Eat before, preferably not something too salty, but with enough sustenance. Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster, and a really bad headache.

Tip 3. See Tip 1.

Tip 4. Wine and tequila aren’t close friends, and for most people there seems to be a stomach brawl when these two are in close quarters. Stick to one or the other, or avoid both.

Tip 5. Avoid smoke. Look, lets be real, alcohol can impair our judgment. Alcohol can make us think we are chimneys and need to be constantly burning those cancer sticks. Not me of course, and not you, but for some people, so watch out. Smoking the night before, especially when you aren’t a ‘smoker’ knocks that headache to the next level for sure.

Tip 6. See Tip 1.

Tip 7. Stay tear free. No need for crying, all that gives is blotchy skin, puffy eyes, ugly pictures and a guaranteed headache the night of and day after. New years is a time for new beginnings, turning over a new leaf. So turn those frowns upside down and hold back tears for watching The Notebook.

Tip 8. Have fun and see Tip 1.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!




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