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DIY: Chalkboard Window and Speck Pizza

Posted on June 20th, 2012  |  2 Comments

First off, I feel I should let you know, there’s no pizza recipe in this post. Just photos of the best pizza I’ve ever had – in-house made mozzarella, arugula and speck <– smoked prosciutto! Holy Smokes this sucker was good. And yes, I ate it all. It’s thin crust y’all! The real reason for this post…

I promised some photos of my creative Saturday, and here they are! My ridiculously cool/artistic/handy(wo)man friend, Erica, and I have attempted to make these forever, as in a few weeks, and I am SOOO glad we finally did it! (Final coats will be added this week- I’ll be sure to show you some chalk writing to make sure it works :))

Too easy, super cool looking, and actually useful- chalkboard windows are all the rage.

I can’t wait to write lists all over the house. His and hers maybe, bet Lui would love that. <- that link, that’s Lui’s awesome furniture line. Looking for solid-wood, hand-painted, beautiful craftmanship? Look no further.


The project: Chalkboard Windows


Old windows… or something you can paint. A picture frame with a slab of glass would work, not sure about wood, but the chalkboard paint will paint just about anything. (I did 2 versions, one with cork board, one without… though I may add cork board to the other, it’s pretty practical.)

Chalkboard Paint and Brush (Available with no hassle at Home Depot, those employees know where everything is, and WANT to help you- take note Walmart!)

Washcloth, soapy water and Windex (to clean those dirty old windows and for streak-free glass)

Cork board (optional- it adds something else… but not required)


Clean the windows/glass

Apply a thorough coat of chalkboard paint

Let dry

Repeat the paint process one more time

Let dry (for 2-3 days… then add one last coat)

For the cork board, simply use an Xacto knife to slice it the length x width of your window, use glue and apply- I originally tried to paint mine… and didn’t like the look but it’d be a great idea for someone who knows how to draw/color in the lines..

That’s it!

Told you it was easy.

Next, the wall birds. So cool, right?

Now, onto the pizza… my fellow blogging friend, Justina, and I trekked over to 2nd street to visit Erica at her place of work. I’d never been…

Got some refreshing water- in a super cool bottle. (Is it weird that I love cool glass bottles? I’m all about celebrating non-BPA infesting vessels.)

And AMAZING wine. Erica is quite the wine expert (hence our friendship- jk mom- we met at church :)) It’s called Montepulciano d’abruzzo, and that’s all I know ’bout that.

But the pizza… the PIZZA! So good. A must recreate, though I don’t know where I’ll find such fresh mozzarella and speck for less than 30$ a pound (really Whole Foods, are there invisible gold flecks in it?!)

Until next adventure!


What creative things have you been up to lately?

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  1. candice says:

    Nice work…My husband leaves for a week and this inspires me to get on a project like this…yes!! and I also had a super great wood fire pizza experience (with great wine) but of course I didn’t take pictures. I guess I will have to go back:)

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