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cream cheese n’ waffles n’ lists

Posted on August 28th, 2011  |  No Comments

I feel like I’m constantly making lists that I never check off. It’s quite the motivation buster when I think about it. You’d think getting nothing done would make me want to get something done. It doesn’t.

The off day I use my pen in a horizontal fashion, striking off every last deed, I’m left feeling empowered to get more done. Pretty sure I should flow with this rhythm more often by making lists I can complete and goals I can meet.

Today’s List

1. Farmers Market/Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s (yes I go to all three every week)

2. Pick up pictures

3. Finish project for school

4. Grill/write recipe/take pictures

There. An easy to do, to-do list. Obvi you don’t see exercise on there because I’m kinda in a rut in that department. As in I’m not doing it. At all. Yes, I always take the stairs, but that doesn’t count as a workout (I have to keep reminding myself.) Now that we are moving into a new home with lots more space I keep telling myself I’ll workout then. Then needs to be now. And on that note, I’m adding at least a 30 minute walk to my list above, and leaving you with this awesome breakfast that is def not on the healthy side, but there is a complimentary buffet at the hotel each morning and yesterday we had to check it out. EVERYWHERE I looked I saw sugar. Flavored yogurt, peaches in syrup, strawberries in syrup, actual syrup, lucky charms, fruit loops, oh yeah and a waffle maker. I opted for that.

One layer of 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese and a sprinkle of chocolate chips, this was golden.

Gave the hubs the other half, he wasn’t sure about the chocolate until I assured him it was the chips that made the dish. Creamy, tangy with a hint of sweetness, these waffles were the perfect combination.

And I’m off to complete my list today. What are your Sunday plans?


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