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cooked onion sauce with potatoes and paneer

Posted on January 5th, 2012  |  No Comments

Got the new iPhone4s for Christmas. Holy moly it’s way better than the 3s. I mean the camera. How could the 3s have been so bad? How could I have ever looked at those photos? Hurts my eyes just thinking about it.

Like HDtv, once you spot it, you can’t go back.

Even though it’s no Canon, it’s fun, and there are cool apps to play around with the pics, like instagram. Love me some instagram.

I also love me some cooked onion sauce. Yeah I said it, cooked onion sauce, what? Sounds a little… weird? Gassy? Yeah, well maybe, but it’s good, real good. And after my 13 day Peruvian cuisine lesson in Miami, I have figuered out this is the secret to dankness, Peruvain dankness that is. It’s all about the onion.

Good thing for me cause I freakin’ love onions. Raw, cooked, pickled, whatever way you prep it, onion has some mad flavor, and all that mad flavor lends well to a sauce, a sweet yet savory sauce, a sauce so good spoonfuls are preferred method of eating. Spoons. (Obvi I’m not in on the up and up of etiquette. Whatevs.)

So these onions. Take ’em, cook ’em down, add some garlic, salt, and pepper. Don’t forget the cumin. Later on toss in a few tomatoes. Simmer on medium low. Let it do it’s thing.

That thing, or magic as I like to call it, is when the sweetness of the onions intermingles with the tomato juice, when the garlic tips that wow factor, the hint of spice sneaks through and pure flavor comes out the other side. Dense, layered, packed on flavor. It’s glorious.

And so so easy. Made this sauce in about 20 minutes. Rice takes a lot longer so I popped some potatoes in the oven. 450 degrees does wonders for taters. Smashed ’em up a bit, let out the stress of the day. Food is the best listener.

 Since we just got back from vacay and have yet to go grocery shopping, I pan fried some paneer. Also known as cheese. It was left over from the paneer tikki masala I recreated for my Indian food obsessed husband. Worked great in this dish, but totally isn’t necessary. Substitute with chicken or tofu… or not. Let the cook in you decide.

Assemble and there you have it. Potatoes and cheese in a cooked onion sauce.

Super easy and ridiculously good.

Also super fun to post with these instagram pics.

Do you instagram?


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