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Artichoke Snap Pea Spring Panini

Posted on April 2nd, 2012  |  3 Comments

It’s official, I’m a paniniatic.

In case you’ve missed these past few shots, check out some of my problem.

I can’t help myself. I’ve just not been in the cooking mood. No marinating, soaking, boiling or sautéing for me.


I just feel like assembling.



I mean could there be a more perfect type of sandwich?

Everything smashes into another, invading unseen crevices, bursting, yet just holding together.

This version features artichokes, mushrooms and a very special snap pea surprise.

Each bite pops in your mouth, exploding with refreshing crunch that somehow leaves me satisfied without siding this sammy with greasy chips. (I’m totally a chip in my sandwich kind of gal.)

My new obsession, mushrooms, are meaty enough to carry the panini and get along swimmingly with this herb citrus vinaigrette, which enhances the flavor without adding loads of mayo. But, I must say I’m really digging the crisp flavor from pan searing the artichokes in just a tad grass-fed butter, S & P.

I’ve never prepared an artichoke before, pretty much just because they look so daunting. And being totally stumped by these beautiful hard flowers I have steered clear for quite sometime even though I’m in California (80% artichokes come from here!)

Until now that is. I watched two videos and found a method combing the two.

Here are my shots:

Shoo, this is easy peasy.

Okay, not totally but by the third artichoke I felt like I’d pretty much got it and was disappointed I didn’t have more to practice on. Until next time…

So not only was this one dank panini sandwich, it also helped me check something off my list. Helped me embrace something I once avoided.

And I love the feeling of getting something I’ve put off, out of the way. Thanks artichokes.

Thanks panini!

I also love buying organic. Especially when I know it’s really organic.

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it. Even though I’m sure it’s full of protein. Call me Bear Lauren. Or not. haha.

But please do put some snap peas in your sandwich.

It basically makes Spring in your mouth.

And that’s a wonderful thing!

Happy Monday (night! :))

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  1. Good god I love all your artichoke pictures. They are absolutely gorgeous. Plus this panini is genius. I’m going to make a version pronto 😀

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