About The Talking Kitchen

Hello there and welcome to The Talking Kitchen! I’m Lauren, the ‘talking’ part of the kitchen, and I’m super excited to share my recipes, photos, gibber jabber and more on this huge space we call the world wide web.

To get to know each other more I figured a list would do us well.

A few things about me:

~ I’m in my mid-late 20′s…. whatever, fine, I’m 27 and proud! I have 2 sisters and a very special twin brother that I love like no other even though we are now scattered across the US of A.

~ I’m a total Michigander, (Go Blue!) yet currently enjoy the California Texas life.

~ I drink lots of water.

~ My interests include (in no particular order) food, eating, autism, lui (husband), blogging, God, michigan football, my fam, farmers markets, bike riding, smiling, thinking, science.

~ I wear the same outfit two days in a row. a lot.

~ I’m all about eating what tastes good and makes me feel good. Keeping processed chemical junk to a minimum and feasting on raw, from the earth, humanely raised, whole grain food is what we do here at The Talking Kitchen.

~ Plus making healthier versions of not so healthy dishes, drinks and desserts.

~ I’m pale but I can get really tan.

~ I always wanted to be left-handed growing up, thought I would have cooler handwriting.

~ I have a blooming interest in photography, mainly food, but I also take endless photos of cats, oceans, lamp posts, flowers and curbs. Checkout my photography gallery, instagram, and my food photo of the day for eye pleasure!

~ I make my own deodorant.

~ i don’t care ’bout grammar or punctuation none. True story, my 6th grade teacher took points off my paper because I didn’t dot my i’s. So lame. I was just expressing myself with punctuation or the lack thereof. She totally missed it.

~ My favorites tunes as of late are from The Racouters, The Kills, Alabama Shakes, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and the Jay-Z/Kanye West album.

~ My day job is a behavioral therapist. I work at schools and homes with kids with autism and I love it.

~ My new passion is food photography and blogging. I’m super stoked that you’ve stopped by on The Talking Kitchen! Leave me a note, question, comment, word, photo, smiley face through email, thetalkingkitchenblog(at)gmail(dot)com, FacebookPinterest or Twitter, I’d love to hear from you!